Computational Complex Systems
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Summerschool 2017

Task and Goals. This Summerschool - Data Driven System Simulation - offers students of the master level (or end of bachelor) at the TU Wien, who want to improve their skills in modeling and simulation in the master section (and at the end of the Bachelor studies), a place to explore wirde area of methods and applications more closely. The Summerschool for Simulation Technology (SSST) address students of technical mathematics, comuter sience, electrical engineering as well as mechanical engineering and economics.

Content and Lectures (prel.)
Maja Atanasijevic-Kunc, Univ. Ljubljana
Felix Breitenecker, TU Wien
Lorenzo Ghiadoni, Università di Pisa
Joachim Gruber-Scheikl, Daimler Stuttgart
Michael Gyimesi, Gesundheit Österreich
Andreas Körner, TU Wien
David Murray-Smith, Univ. Glasgow
Gaspar Music, Univ. Ljubljana
Thorsten Pawletta Hochschule Wismar
Nikolas Popper, TU Wien
Giacomo Pucci, Università di Perugia
Siegfried Wassertheurer, Austrian Inst.Technology

Dates & Location

The summer school takes place in Italy from 23th August - 28th September 2017. The place is called Via di San Donnino, Città Metropolitana di Firenze, Italien. The venue is near Certaldo and close to Firenze.

Villa Avanella is venue of the summer school as well as accommodation. This place offers possibilities to accommodate all participants as well as give lectures inside and even outside.


The arrival is supposed to be organised individually.
By plan: You can fly to Firenze and take the train to Certaldo (50min) and there you will be picked up by an shuttle.
By train: You can as well take the train directly to Firenze and then to Certaldo.
By car: In google maps you can enter the address above of search for Villa Avanella.

Price & Benefits

In the following table the different prizes for the summer school ( for one part) are listed.

Normal Price€ 650,-
Reduced Price*€ 500,-
COCOS Members  € 250,-

All prizes don't include taxes.

This prize includes

·         All courses and lectures
Social program (e.g. excursion to historical sights, sea,…)
Boarding (breakfast, lunches and dinners)
Lodging (accommodation in a two to three bed room)

After registration the receipt will be sent to you via mail. Please add the address for the receipt in the email.

*The reduced Price is valid for all members of a simulation society which is part of EUROSIM.